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GSP Says Jon Jones Will Beat Stipe Miocic to Be the Heavyweight Champion



Jon Jones

Jon Jones has vacated the light heavyweight title and set his eyes on the heavyweight gold. It’s very likely that he will fight the winner of Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou next. But, will he be able to prove himself against the UFC heavyweights?

As per the former UFC welterweight champion and one of the greatest of all time, Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones is on his way to achieving the heavyweight gold. In a recent interview with ESPN, GSP talked about Jones’ heavyweight move:

“It depends on Jon Jones, you know everybody has a different physique and you know different ways of doing things but I believe Jon Jones can be the champion in heavyweight. If he fights right now, heavyweight, against Miocic, I believe Jon Jones will win. I believe Jon Jones can do it, he has a very big frame, I used to see him live you know when we trained years ago, he is a very big man and he is very very skilled and I think now he is in his prime and that’s the time for him to make the move and I understand him in a way that you have done it all as a light heavyweight you know, why risking your legacy for a little reward when you can go up and you risk it all well but there’s more reward in terms of legacy, in terms of money.”

Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre

Can Jon Jones beat the best UFC heavyweights?

Jon Jones indeed has all the skillsets to beat anyone in the UFC roaster. He is called the greatest of all time and for good reasons. But, there has been a decline in his performance in the latter part of his career.

Jon Jones

His offensive game is not as lethal as it used to be. He is still creative and dynamic when it comes to striking. He is the best when it comes to dominating an opponent on the ground. His defense is difficult to penetrate. But, will his current arsenal be enough for someone like Francis Ngannou who throws knockout blows every time he swings? Will it be enough for the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time, Stipe Miocic who can go five hard rounds at an incredible pace?