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“He Has Nothing Against Me”- Giga Chikadze Says Alexander Volkanovski Is the Easiest Fight for Him



Giga Chikadze calls out Alexander Volkanovski

With the first UFC event for 2022 is around the corner, Giga Chikadze is right under the lime light. He recently trashed Alexander Volkanovski out for calling out the Korean Zombie instead of him. Chikadze has had an impressive run in the UFC. He has a phenomenal run of 7 straight wins. And after his next fight with Calvin Kattar, he is definitely eying for the title fight.

On the other hand, The current champion Volkanovski has battered some the biggest names in the UFC like Max Holloway, Jose Aldo, Brian Ortega etc. And he might have to defend his title against Chikadze next if Chikadze comes out victorious against Kattar.

In a recent interview, Chikadze took a dig at Volkanovski, who is waiting to find the perfect matchup for his next probable fight at the UFC 272. Volkanovski believes the Korean Zombie is his right fit for the same. And this looks to have bothered Giga as he responds by saying “the chump” is looking to get the easy fight.

Giga believes everyone in the division is a tough match, however, he considers the Korean Zombie to be the easiest of them all. Chikadze is confident that he can easily beat Volkanovski, who will have a huge reach disadvantage. He stated:

“For me that’s the easiest guy in top 10. This guy can not even reach me. When we stand together what he is gonna do? What he has like against me? Nothing.”

Giga Chikadze reflects on his fight with Calvin Kattar

Calvin Kattar vs Giga Chikadze is the first UFC main event of the year. This is a matchup of two similar fighting styles. Both the fighters have exceptional striking skills. When asked about his next fight, Chikadze had some interesting words for Kattar. Chikadze predicts that Kattar would try to mix it up with wrestling and boxing. But it seems Chikadze has improved his ground game ahead of one of the toughest fights of his career.

Giga Chikadze Kick

Giga believes Calvin is a tough competition and he respects him as an athlete. Chikadze has apparently been watching Clavin even before he signed for the UFC.

However, Giga wants to go out there and absolutely smash his opponents regardless. He only wants to go for the kill as he thinks he deserves the title shot. He further in the interview says “ I’m not here to make friends or to change my life to travel the world, to get more friends. I am here for business. I’m here to take over . I want my title shot and put it back in my country” This is easily one of the most awaited fights for the year with the winner walking of with a potential title fight.