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“He was in handcuffs three weeks ago” – Chael Sonnen reacts to Jon Jones asking for his release



Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen

Jon Jones has asked Dana White to release him from his UFC contract following comments from Dana White that Jones had demanded an absurd amount for his jump to the heavyweight division. White had publicly said that Jones was asking for the amount Deontay Wilder had received for his much anticipated rematch against Tyson Fury. Wilder’s purse was projected at $5 million in the match, while his total earning from the bout saw him make in the excess of $30 million.

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Soon after these statements, Jones targeted both UFC and Dana White with a barrage of tweets, defending himself from White’s claims. Jon Jones even went on to ask the UFC president to ask his lawyer Hunter Campbell release the text messages. Surprisingly, Jon Jones was so irked that he went on to ask him to release him from his UFC contract.

Chael Sonnen reacts on Jon Jones’ tweets

Former title contender and MMA Analyst Chael Sonnen believes that the final decision rests on Dana White, and he makes the decision whether the amount being asked is right for the fighter. He mentioned how the guy who writes the cheque gets to decide whether the amount is absurd or not, and Jon Jones has no say in this matter. Sonnen also touched upon the topic of Jones asking Dana White to release the text messages sent by his lawyer.

“Jon, if you are the one that sent them, you release them. You got them, you release them.”

Sonnen broke down the entire situation, and claimed how Jones is wrong every step of the way in his fight against Dana White. Sonnen didn’t stop here and went on to say that Jon Jones asking for his release makes no sense.

“Jon Jones as a man of integrity has an obligation to his fans. Okay. He was in handcuffs three weeks ago, he didn’t have an obligation to anybody.”

Jones feels he deserve $15 million for each fight

Jon Jones targets Dana White

Jones vs Dana White has taken an ugly turn

Earlier, Dana White had mentioned how Jones is the GOAT, and that there is no argument to that question.

“And it’s not like I’m out here on some smash Jon Jones crusade. I’m actually the one saying there is no debate. No argument. He is the GOAT. No matter what you think of his last 2 fights. The three people that matter say he won the fight.”

Jones had to this to say about Dana White claims that Jones asked for an amount similar to Deontay Wilder. He mentioned how Dana himself believes that he is the GOAT, and that he should at least make half of that amount in each fight.

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