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“His Striking Is Terrifying”- Joe Rogan Is in Awe of UFC Welterweight Gilbert Burns

UFC welterweight division is filled with some of the best fighters in the world. The welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman is one of the most dominant champions in UFC at the moment. And the title contenders such as Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington are two of the best welterweights in UFC history.

Gilbert Burns is likely to fight Kamaru Usman next for the welterweight title. Though he has been an incredible run ever since his move to welterweight fans were not aware of what he is capable of until his fight against Tyron Woodley. Gilbert Burns dominated Tyron Woodley for five rounds to pick up a unanimous decision win.

Gilbert Burns takes on Kamaru Usman
Burns vs Woodley

In a recent podcast with Luke Thomas, Joe Rogan praised Gilbert Burns and stated: 

“When I stand next to him I have a hard time believing he ever made 155 lbs. He was really compromised. He was one of those guys who was really compromised. He is so thick. He is walking around well over 200 lbs. He is a f***g monster man. His striking is nasty too. That’s what interesting about Gilbert Burns. He is an elite Brazillian blackbelt. But his striking is f****g world-class. His striking is terrifying.”

Can Gilbert Burns beat Kamaru Usman?

If there is anyone who can be kryptonite for Kamaru Usman at the welterweight division it has to be Gilbert Burns. Burns is arguably the best grappler in the welterweight division. And he has lethal striking and knockout power.

Kamaru Usman dominates his opponents on the ground and on the clinch. He was cruising in his fight against Jorge Masvidal thanks to his clinch work. He was staying busy and winning the rounds on scorecards. And that will be crucial for Usman to beat Burns.

Usman is not going to out skill Burns on the ground but he can have the edge in the clinch. And both of them are fairly similar when it comes to striking with a little advantage to Burns.

Kamaru Usman has been dominant in his welterweight run so far. And Burns can be the answer to Usman’s wrestling heavy gameplan.


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