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“I Don’t Like It”- Dana White Opens up on Michael Chandler’s Stunning UFC Debut and Post Fight Celebration

Iron Michael Chandler turned the tides and proved the odds wrong after knocking out Hangman in the first round. Such a performance during his UFC debut was bound to impress Chandler’s new boss, Dana White. He seemed to be quite pleased with the former Bellator champ’s performance but didn’t like the way he celebrated his first-ever UFC victory. Have a look at what White’s got to say about Chandler.

Watch Michael Chandler's outrageous somersault off top of octagon at UFC 257 before calling out McGregor and Khabib
Watch Michael Chandler’s outrageous somersault off the top of the octagon at UFC 257 before calling out McGregor and Khabib (Image Courtesy: The Sun)

“It’s pretty damn good. I don’t know I’ve seen a better. Like I said to Jon, a lot of people who come in for the first time have a rough go in the first fight in UFC. That kid fought like he has been here for years. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember a better one.

Do you guys hate the backflips as much as I hate the backflips? The kid just got his fight in UFC and then does a backflip that looks like going to blow up both fucking ankles, knees, and spine. I just don’t get the backflip thing and I don’t like it. Somebody is going to get fucking hurt doing that.”

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Dan Hooker’s chin stood no chance against Michael Chandler’s power punches
A Hard Left hook from Michael Chandler takes out Dan Hooker (Image Courtesy: MMA Junkie)

Chandler took the center of the octagon as soon as the fight started and started hitting Hooker with calculated strikes. Soon as they were about to go past mid-way of the first round, a vicious left hook by Chandler dropped the Kiwi and marked the beginning of the end. Just as he fell on the canvas, Chandler started throwing heavy follow-up strikes compelling the referee to step in marking the end of the bout.

What’s next for Michael Chandler?

The fashion in which Chandler finished The Hangman is bound to send shockwaves in the 155lb division. He has beaten #6 lightweight in his debut and is a former Bellator champ. So, he will soon be facing the top 5 lightweights. As for Dan Hooker, it’s another setback in his illustrious career which he will soon come over it.

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