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“He Knows Where the King of West Coast is” – Colby Covington Rains Down on Nick Diaz

Colby Covington announced his comeback to the octagon with an obliterating finish inside the octagon against former Champion Tyron Woodley in the main event of UFC Vegas 11. Covington put an absolute clinic and dominated the former Champion with ease. In the process, Covington became the first fighter to get a stoppage victory against Tyron Woodley in the UFC. The fight came to an end with the referee stopping the fight after Woodley allegedly broke his rib. Soon after the victory, Colby Covington was fired up and stated that Tyron Woodley quit. He also stood by his words, picking up a stoppage victory over Woodley. Soon after, Covington called out Kamaru Usman for a rematch for the UFC Welterweight Champion. Additionally, he also called out Jorge Masvidal and sent a stern warning to former Strikeforce Champion Nick Diaz.

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Nick Diaz

“I would love to fight Nick. He is a high pressure fighter. It’s going to be an easy fight. I will definitely retire him, just like I retired Tyron Woodley tonight. Nick Diaz would never fight again, I promise you, after I get done with him.” Covington said.

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Nick Diaz shocked the world after it was reported that the Stockton Slugger is looking at returning to the octagon in early 2021. Diaz also dropped several training videos, and was spotted at the UFC Performance Institute ahead of his big return. When Covington was asked if he would like to welcome Nick Diaz back into the ring, here’s what he said.

“I signed to fight him at Madison Square Garden two years ago. He was gonna sign then he backed out last minute. That’s the easy money pay-check. Nick Diaz is on that soy boy diet in Calirfornia.” Covington continued, “He knows where the king of west coast is.”

What’s next for Colby Covington?

Tyron Woodley

With win over Tyron Woodley, Covington has made a case for himself to fight for the UFC Welterweight Championship. Kamaru Usman is set to take on Gilbert Burns in his third title defense in December this year. Burns is coming off a unanimous decision win over Tyron Woodley, and would look to upset Kamaru Usman come UFC 256. With a dominant stoppage victory over Woodley, Covington could be looking at fighting the winner of Kamaru Usman vs Gilbert Burns next.

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“And speaking of spineless cowards, ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ ‘Street Judas’ we got unfinished business. There’s nowhere to run and there’s nowhere to hide. I’m coming for you. You’re next.” Covington stated.


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