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“I Will Spark Him Too”- Conor McGregor Eyes For the Welterweight Title, Kamaru Usman Has a Brutal Response



Conor McGregor

In a recent QnA with the fans, Conor McGregor made a few exciting statements. Giving an update on his recovery from the leg injury, Conor McGregor said that he will be back in the octagon in 2022. And he is confident that he will fight for the title following his UFC return.

The former two-division champion also revealed that he is likely to move up to the welterweight division after his UFC return. McGregor even predicted a brutal knock-out win in a potential fight with the welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

When asked by a fan how he feels about his record for having knockout wins in three different divisions, Conor McGregor stated:

Tremendous! I love this record! I fight for the 170lb title I will spark him too. That would be fastest KO in UFC title fight(13 seconds). Most knockdowns in UFC title fight(5). And then another KO in a UFC title fight. 3 title fights. 3 Kos. 3 new records. It’s right there.

Kamaru Usman responds to Conor McGregor

This is not the first time Conor McGregor has teased a potential fight with the welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. And it’s no secret that Kamaru Usman is interested in that fight even if most of the fans don’t believe McGregor stands a chance against Usman at welterweight. However, McGregor’recent losses have derailed his plans to move up to welterweight to win his third title in UFC.

But that did not stop the Nigerian Nightmare to respond to McGregor’s tweet. Usman tweeted:

Spark who?? You must be talking about that pipe you’ve been smoking. Unlike you, if I’m gonna talk s**t I’ll @ U. Now be quiet before I call Poirier or Khabib or Diaz to finish you again.

At this point, it’s very unlikely that the fans will ever see Conor McGregor fighting Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title. McGregor suffered a brutal injury in his last fight at UFC 264. And there are a lot of questions around whether he would be good enough to compete at the elite level in UFC when he returns. 

However, Conor McGregor is still the biggest star in the world of combat sports. And all he needs is a couple of wins after his return and the fans will again jump on the bandwagon and support McGregor if he decides to go for the third UFC title.