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“I Wipe My Rich A** With Your Feelings”- Conor McGregor Finally Responds to the Criticism for His Trash Talk to Dustin Poirier



Conor McGregor

A lot has been said about post-fight comments of Conor McGregor at UFC 264. Many believe that McGregor involving Dustin Poirier’s wife to get a psychological edge over Poirier was wrong. And many fans and fighters have even criticized McGregor even more for his disrespectful comments after his loss.

Leading up to the fight, Conor McGregor said that Dustin Poirier is a dead man and many believe that McGregor gave death threats during the post-fight interview when he said “in your sleep, you are getting it.”

Now the fans and MMA community might not be happy with McGregor’s comments but it seems the Notorious is unphased despite the criticism he has been receiving since UFC 264. In a recent post, Conor McGregor said:

“I wipe my rich a** with your feelings about my work. I feel nothing for you bums. Nada.”

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Is Conor McGregor wrong for his pre-fight antics?

McGregor is the biggest name in the world of combat sports at the moment and he certainly changed the landscape for UFC with his achievements. But there have been moments where Conor crossed has crossed the line and has become the center of controversies.

But it should also be noted that McGregor has been consistently selling over 1 million PPVs in UFC ever since he has become a champion.

His last two fights with Dustin Poirier sold over 1.7 million PPVs and it can not be denied that irrespective of how the fight plays out Conor McGregor brings a lot of eyeballs to the octagon. And besides McGregor, there is no star in UFC at the moment who can sell over a million PPVs.

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So it can not be denied that McGregor’s strategy to promote a fight is still reaping huge benefits for UFC. But, it also can’t be denied that McGregor talking trash about his opponent’s family and making controversial remarks are not making him a likable figure among the fans.