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“I’m Gonna Beat Robbie Again”- Nick Diaz Says He Will Look Unstoppable on His UFC Return Against Robbie Lawler



Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler

In one of the most anticipated fights of the year, Nick Diaz will take on Robbie Lawler in a rematch at UFC 267.

In the first fight, Nick Diaz defied the odds and knocked out Robbie Lawler, who was known for his ferocious knockout power leading up to the fight. But, will the history repeat itself at UFC 266?

Well, Nick Diaz is not predicting another knockout against Lawler. But, Diaz is certain that he will come out victorious at UFC 266. In the UFC 266 countdown video, Nick Diaz talked about his fight against Robbie Lawler and stated:

“I’m actually way more of a dangerous fighter than I was when I fought Robbie Lawler the first time. I am not going out there calling names. I am going to be a lot more sportsman out there but that’s not what won me the fight the first time. That surprised him a little bit but I would have won the fight anyway. I am gonna be really unstoppable having made the right decision. So I’m gonna beat Robbie again.”

Though Nick Diaz is confident of winning the rematch against Robbie Lawler it’s not going to be an easy task for him.

The biggest factors in the Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler 2

Nick Diaz has been away from the competition for a long time. After his fight against Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz received a 5 years suspension. And here we are, after over 6 years, waiting for the octagon return of the Stokcton’s Native.

Diaz’s inactivity is going to be a huge factor in the outcome of this fight. Robbie Lawler is not in his prime anymore and has lost his last four fights. 

However, he has lost to elite welterweights such as Colby Covington and Neil Magny. His performance has not been impressive but he has been a lot more active as compared to Nick Diaz. So it makes sense to consider Robbie Lawler a favorite going into the rematch.

Nick Diaz

But, Lawler has not looked good in his last few fights. He has not been aggressive enough inside the octagon with his striking.

Now it must be considered that Diaz won’t try to outwrestle Lawler like Colby Covington to Neil Magny. But, Diaz will put Lawler in trouble with his pressure and high volume.

It’s a hard fight to predict but one thing can be assured that it’s going to be fireworks when Diaz and Lawler meet each other again inside the octagon.