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“It Was Just Too Much For Me” – Henry Cejudo Details His Break Up With Amanda Dallago Cheves



Henry Cejudo

In heartbreaking news for all the Henry Cejudo fight fans, the former dual Champion announced his separation from girlfriend Amanda Dallago Cheves. Earlier, Henry Cejudo announced his retirement from MMA after picking up a TKO win over Dominick Cruz in the second round at UFC 249. In the process, Cejudo became the first fighter to grab a stoppage victory over Bantamweight great Dominick Cruz. Cejudo’s retirement came in light of dual Champion’s desire to start a new chapter with girlfriend Amanda Dallago Cheves.

It was indeed heartbreaking to know that Cejudo broke up with his girlfriend, however, Cejudo maintains that he is going to come out stronger. In a recent appearance on a podcast, Cejudo opened up on the entire situation.

Henry Cejudo to make a comeback to the octagon?

Henry Cejudo

“I just did not want to be in a relationship that was gonna eventually gonna not make it. If I am gonna have you be my girlfriend is because I probably see a bigger picture than just a girlfriend. I saw that then once we started living together with each other for a minute, which was good. Even my family is a little upset with it I said look at the bright side, I had the chance to live with her and see exactly how it’s like. Even if I bring another one it’s gonna be the same thing.”

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Cejudo said that he had a larger picture in his mind before coming to a relationship with his now ex-girlfriend, however, he felt like the relationship wouldn’t last. Cejudo further that overtime probably he has grown to enjoy his freedom more and more. He revealed that his relationship had become what every bad relationship is, and he didn’t feel like it could go on forever.”

Cejudo said,

“That’s life though. Even sometimes you picture things in your head sometimes that’s just life. So what happened it was just too much for me. I think I probably enjoyed my freedom more than anything. I got to the point where it’s just like every bad relationship. Things happen people start we started talking bad about each other disrespecting each other. It just wasn’t cool.
I am a very peaceful guy. I am a very happy person. I just felt like I was losing a little bit of part of me. I just did not like the way I was feeling. So I had to exile. Little things turn to big things and then once you lose respect everything just goes out the window. So it was one of that to say the least.”

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