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“It’s a Big Problem in the Sport”- Georges St-Pierre Unhappy With Crazy Weightcuts in MMA



Georges St-Pierre

Fighters missing weight is something that we have seen on a regular basis. And the biggest reason is fighters not fighting at their ideal weight class. Former UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre gives his verdict on fighters cutting too much weight before the fight.

Though Georges St-Pierre dominated the UFC welterweight division during his title reign he was never the biggest fighter in the division. He did not always have a size advantage over his opponents. And that’s why he did not cut much weight before his fights. And that’s what GSP advises the fighters of this generation. GSP stated:

“I am not a big fan of cutting weight either. I had a recent interview where I talked with Chael Sonnen. I think it’s a big problem for the sport. A fighter should fight at their weight. I think there should be multiple weigh-ins, maybe one the day before the fight, the week before or a month before to avoid the crazy weight cuts that are killing the athletes of the sport today. They might not kill themselves spontaneously. But, the residual effect the damage that these things do to them they will feel them later in the fight.”

Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre

No one knows the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and proper diet than GSP. Georges St-Pierre went through a life-threatening disease after his fight against Michael Bisping. And that’s when he adapted to a completely different lifestyle. He invested more in intermittent fasting, which has worked wonders for him.

Georges St-Pierre is not the only one hoping for a change

Not only Georges St-Pierre but also Israel Adesanya is against fighters cutting too much weight. After his win over Paulo Costa, Israel Adesanya urged UFC to punish the fighters missing weight with 90% of their fight purse instead of 30%. Adesanya stated:

“30% is not enough. Fu*k that. Some of these guys are gangsters they’re making money outside the UFC. 30% ain’t shit to them. So don’t give up that to not make the weight and have 90 minutes to keep on making the weight. And they’re just ‘Ah, fu*k it’. They just drink their waters and whatnot.”

Israel Adesanya

It’s hard to deny with arguably the greatest of all time, Georges St-Pierre. Fighters are risking their life and performance by not fighting at their ideal weight classes. We have seen fighters such as Darren Till, Robert Whittaker, Daniel Cormier move up to their natural weight classes and win championships.

However, this problem is still likely to remain unless fighting commissions do not take strict actions against botched weight cuts. 


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