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“It’s One of the Dirtiest Thing You Can Do” – Dana White Hits Back at Conor McGregor After Leaked Private Messages

Dana White was not particularly happy about Conor McGregor’s recent action on the social media. Earlier, Conor McGregor leaked his private conversation with UFC President Dana White, expressing his frustrations leading to his decision to retire from MMA. Speaking to the media after UFC 253 in the post-fight press conference, Dana White stated that McGregor broke the “man-code.” White also added that it it the “dirtiest thing” someone can do, and looked absolutely bothered by McGregor’s recent tweets.

In another tweet, McGregor captioned, “I was pushing hard for the season. Multiple opponents, multiple dates offered throughout. All to take place back to back. Then when covid hit and the talk was that I would have to wait for crowds again, I walked away from the situation. I was waiting long enough at that stage.”

Dana White stated the post-fight interview, “I have had people blowing up left and right. Everybody here knows this is a man coach stuff. it’s just something you don’t do. It’s one of the dirtiest thing you can do.”

On the other hand, Dana White criticized Conor McGregor for wanting to fight a much older Diego Sanchez in the main-event. White also stated that he has no update about McGregor’s boxing return, and has nothing to confirm despite claims that UFC is also looking forward for the Conor McGregor vs Manny Pacquaio.

“We were just talking about DIego Sanchez. And Diego Sanchez was there in the private conversation I was having with Conor.” White continued, “When you are number 2 or 3 guy in the wolrd and you are telling me you want to fight and you want to fight unranked 39 years old Diego Sanchez

Seems like things are not too well with Dana White and Conor McGregor. Be that as it may, it’s certain that Conor McGregor is not making his UFC return soon. However, verbal agreement for the boxing bout is in place.

What’s next for Conor McGregor?

Conor McGregor vs Manny Pacquiao

Conor McGregor is set to step inside the boxing ring early next year. While there have been no confirmation from the UFC, McGregor’s promoter who also manages Manny Pacquaio has given the green light for the hugely anticipated boxing bout. Fans can only wait for McGregor’s return, however, with Dana White mentioning the birthday cake that McGregor cut to celebrate his retirement, it’s not a wild guess that things aren’t going well between White and Conor McGregor.




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