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Jon Jones Reveals the Timeline For His UFC Return at Heavyweight



Jon Jones UFC return

It has been over a year since the fans watched Jon Jones compete inside the octagon. In his last fight at UFC 247, Jon Jones defended his light heavyweight title against Dominick Reyes.

After relinquishing the light heavyweight title, Jon Jones set his eyes on the heavyweight title. And it seems, we are very close to finally seeing Jon Jones compete at the heavyweight division.

The Former UFC champion attended the Hall of Fame ceremony where he was awarded for his first title fight against Alexander Gustafsson. When Jones was asked about his UFC return, he stated:

“I think it(UFC return at heavyweight) will be sometime in the second quarter. Fighting for the title is what I want the most. I want to fight the biggest fight.”

Jon Jones confirmed that he wants to fight for the heavyweight title when he comes back. And he wants to fight Francis Ngannou, who he believes is the biggest star in the heavyweight division at the moment.

However, it must be considered that there is a possibility that Jon Jones might end up fighting Ciryl Gane if Gane beats Ngannou in the title unification bout. And what a fight that would be.

Jon Jones wants to weigh in at 270lbs for his heavyweight debut

Jon Jones has certainly put on a lot of effort for putting on muscle mass for the heavyweight division. And he aims to be 270 lbs for his long-anticipated heavyweight debut. Jones stated:

Right now I’m about 255. And I feel really great. My goal is to get up to 270 lbs. My goal is to be the most technical the most well-conditioned the strongest out of all the heavyweights. That’s what I want. I want to take over. That’s what I am going to continue working for. I am very patient. And I know I have several more months of work to do.

At the moment, there is no top UFC heavyweight who weighs around 270 lbs. The only heavyweight who is close to that weight range is the champion, Francis Ngannou.

And it makes sense why Jones wants to come that heavy for the fight against Ngannou. Though Ngannou has scary knock-out power he also has a huge weight advantage over most of the heavyweights.

And putting on those extra weights will help Jon Jones have more power in his punches and absorb the strikes from the heavyweights more efficiently.

What do you think about Jones’ strategy to come in at 270 lbs for his heavyweight debut?