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What’s Next For Colby Covington?



We have to admit that the UFC welterweight division is the most stacked than ever. We have a dominant champion, Kamaru Usman taking on an equally dominant challenger in his next title defense. The division has Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards waiting in line for their shot at the title. And we also have Colby Covington looking to get the rematch with Kamaru Usman for the title.

If elite fighters such as Tyron Woodley and Demian Maia are nowhere close to the title picture then the talent in the division can be easily imagined.

Colby Covington

However, the division looks to be on a stall as fighters such as Masvidal, Covington, and Edwards don’t have an opponent for their next fight. Masvidal is having a dispute with UFC regarding contract negotiation. Leon Edwards in stuck in England due to travel restrictions. But why Colby Covington does not have an opponent yet?

It is believed that Colby Covington was offered the fight with Tyron Woodley. However, that fight did not come to fruition for an uncertain reason. That fight has everything in it. Former teammates who have bad blood settle their beef inside the octagon, it could not have gotten better than that. However, after Gilbert Burns dominated Tyron Woodley, Covington will have no incentive to fight Woodley.

Who else is left for Colby Covington?

Fortunately, there are many intriguing fights for Colby Covington in the division. And fights against Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal have to be at the top of that list.

Colby Covington

A win over Leon Edwards, who has been on an unbelievable run, will certainly solidify Covington’s place to get another title shot. However, Covington will have a hard time accepting that fight since it might not be as big as his fight against Usman.

However, a fight against Jorge Masvidal can solve multiple puzzles in the welterweight division. Jorge Masvidal is looking to get a big payday and a fight against Usman is not a PPV seller. On the other hand, Masvidal vs Covington is one of the biggest rivalry in UFC at the moment and it can be guaranteed that this fight will be a barn burner.

Even with the wrestling heavy approach of Colby Covington, one can see Jorge Masvidal doing some serious damage on the feet. And the winner will likely get a shot at the title against the winner of Usman vs Burns.