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Georges St Pierre Gives an Update on His Long Anticipated UFC Return



Georges St Pierre

Arguably the greatest mixed martial artists to ever step into the octagon, Georges St Pierre dominated his opponents spanning over multiple generations. He bid farewell to the game after he achieved his dream by becoming the UFC middleweight champion.

Ever since then fans have been speculating the return of GSP. However, the Canadian mixed martial artist is content with what he has been able to achieve in his career and he has managed to stay retired despite numerous call-outs from many MMA legends.

After the win over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 251, the welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman joined Georges St Pierre to have 12 consecutive welterweight wins. Kamaru Usman wanted to solidify his legacy as the greatest welterweight of all time, a dream that led to the call out of the Great Gorges St Pierre. Usman said:

“Right now, we’re tied for the record — most consecutive wins in the welterweight division. He’s considered one of the best and that’s where I aim to be.”

Kamaru Usman

Georges St Pierre has shown interest in another UFC comeback. However, he has been very stubborn with his opponents. And the only opponent that would make GSP step into the octagon one more time is UFC lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Georges St Pierre responds to Kamaru Usman

Responding to Usman’s callout, Georges St Pierre said:

“I’ve done it for a very long time, and unfortunately in my sport there’s too many guys that retire too late, and I do not want to be one of these guys. I’m very fortunate. I’m healthy, most importantly. I’m also wealthy. I came at the right time, I made a lot of money. When I measure and calculate the pros and cons, it’s better that I stay retired.”

Georges St Pierre

While it is hard to question the choice that GSP has made over the years it’s difficult not to imagine how he would perform against the best welterweights of this generation. GSP was able to beat wrestlers, grapplers, and strikers while he was at the top of his game. But can he do the same if he comes back and fights someone as good as Kamaru Usman?

We better believe that we might never get that answer to that question