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Kevin Holland Reveals the Meaning Behind His New Tattoos

From Conor McGregor to Israel Adesanya, UFC is filled with some global superstars right now. And there are a lot of up-and-coming fighters who can achieve superstar status in the near future. Undoubtedly, UFC middleweight Kevin Holland is one of them.

His nickname is “TrailBlazer” and for a good reason. Ever since his UFC debut, Kevin Holland’s stock has risen with each and every fight. With four knockout wins in his last five fights, Holland is at the peak of his career at the moment. 

One of the best things about Kevin Holland’s fighting is his accuracy. Though his approach in the octagon may seem unorthodox and chaotic, his striking accuracy is off the charts. His win over Buckley is one of the best examples of how accuracy and precision beat power. In that fight, while Buckley was trying to hurt Holland with every strike he threw Holland was sniping him from the outside. 

Well, even Holland is aware of his strength as he has gotten a new tattoo of a bullet on his left arm ahead of the fight against Derek Brunson. On the media day for UFC Vegas 22, talking about the meaning behind his new tattoo, Holland said:

“Right after the fight, I went and got this bullet right here. It’s like the same bullet you see when you’re playing Mario and stuff like that, but it’s a 9mm shell. My favorite gun to shoot is a 9mm, shot a 9mm a few times. Don’t do forensics.”

“I got that on my right arm because my right arm has been like a sniper all year long. It’s been a bomb, it’s been a bullet. It’s been everything that a lethal weapon needs to be. Been killing folks left and right. You look at most of my finishes, it came from my right hand. I never realized how right-handed I was until I noticed that.

The bullet just signified what I’m going to do to these guys. If you know the game, you know that these right here go boom.”

Kevin Holland gets a tattoo for a hilarious reason

Well, that’s not the only tattoo Holland got recently. But the reason he got the other tattoo will certainly seem hilarious to his fans. Holland stated:

“And then I got my last name on my shin cause like I tell my coach all the time I didn’t graduate from high school so I can’t remember my name sometimes.”

Israel Adesanya

Kevin Holland is certainly on his way to becoming one of the most popular fighters in the UFC at the moment. He can fight, he can talk, and he can make the fans like him and tune in to watch his fights. If Holland can secure a couple of wins against the top-ranked middleweights next then the fans might see a fun matchup between Israel Adesanya and Kevin Holland for the UFC title. And one could only imagine what the media day will look like with both Izzy and Holland on the stage.

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