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“Still Can’t Stand the Guy”- Daniel Cormier Is Disgusted With Jon Jones, Might Fight Him Again

The rivalry between the former light heavyweight champions, Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones intensified recently over the GOAT debate. Daniel Cormier claimed that due to the failed drug tests Jon Jones is out of the GOATdiscussion. Well, Jones fired back and things got uglier.

Now in a recent episode of DC and Helwani’s show on ESPN, Cormier opens up about his rivalry with Jones and has come with some insults of his own. Cormier heavily criticized Jon Jones and stated:

“You know what I don’t get about this guy? I don’t understand how he goes they proved me innocent. They never proved him innocent. They never once said he was innocent. I don’t get how he can say it publicly and how people can repeat it publicly….. Still can’t stand the guy. Retired, not retired, see him publicly still probably get into it.”

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier

The past between Jones and Cormier is not pleasant in any fashion. It’s well known that these two do not like each other. DC took the insult game to another level and said that he might fight him in public when he sees him:

“He just sucks, He brings down your energy. And you know I took four showers in the bath, I felt so dirty and grimy. I’m like uh once again his stench is on me. You know he also smells too, In the cage he smells really really bad. His breath is bad and his armpits stink. He smells.”

Has Khabib Nurmagomedov surpassed Jon Jones?

The whole controversy started with Jon Jones arguing with the fans over who the real GOAT of MMA is. While many said Khabib Nurmagomedov is the greatest of all time after his retirement Jones did not agree with that notion.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

While it’s very hard to conclude who the GOAT is it’s obvious that Khabib does not have a better resume than Jones. Jones has beaten legends over multiple decades. While Khabib’s dominance in the sport is unmatchable he still has to pick up some massive wins before being considered the greatest to ever do it.




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