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“Knock Out In The Third Round”- Dustin Poirier’s Coach Gives Bold Prediction For the Conor McGregor Trilogy at UFC 264



Dustin Poirier

With less than a month left until Conor McGregor’s fight with Dustin Poirier, Dustin has started sparring with his boxing coach Dyah Davis. In an interview with MMA Junkie, Dyah stated that Dustin would knockout Mcgregor in the third round of the fight. 

The trilogy bout is happening on July 10th at UFC 264. With Poirier having the momentum from the last fight he is the favorite for the bout. In addition to that, he is active in the fight scene. While Conor on the other hand came back to fight after two and a half years. Even though he lost the last fight a few months back many fighters believe Conor can come back in style. However, Dustin’s coach has some different notions. Davis said that The Diamond is looking good in his first sparring session ahead of the fight.  He also mentions that a whole lot of sparring is not necessary. What matters is the right amount of sessions to make sure that Poirier is ready to fight on July 10th. 

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Davis also agrees about Poirier having a psychological advantage before the fight. As he has recently knocked out the Notorious and it must be fresh in his head. When the reporter asked if Conor focuses on leg kicks what would be their plan? Davis responded that they are ready to exploit every weakness of Conor and if McGregor wants to focus on leg kicks, he sure can but it won’t affect them as they know how to win fights and they already have a set of plans ready for The Notorious.

At last, predicting about the bout he says ” I think it will play out similar to the second fight, maybe a little longer. I see us executing and getting a KO victory in the Third round

Coach details plans for Dustin Poirier after the trilogy bout 

Explaining about plans for the lightweight championship as Dustin chose the trilogy fight over the lightweight title fight Dyah stated:

” The game is not guaranteed you know get the highest payday you can get and we are planning on beating Conor on July 10th, and once that’s done we move on and grab the lightweight title right from there” 

It is no secret that Conor is the biggest name when it comes to PPV so, choosing the Irish fighter over a championship bout is rational