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Marc Gooddard Opens Up on Criticism Regarding Missing Stipe Miocic’s Eye Poke Against Daniel Cormier at UFC 252

Stipe Miocic took on Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 252 for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Miocic retained his Championship belt against Cormier via impressive unanimous decision win against the former Champion. In the process, Stipe Miocic has cemented himself as the greatest mixed martial artist in the heavyweight division. After losing the first fight, Miocic came back stronger in their second bout at UFC 241. He made great adjustments in the later rounds and managed some brutal body shots. Despite getting dominated in the first three rounds, Miocic came back stronger and the fourth, as he picked up a TKO victory over the former dual Champion to win back the heavyweight gold.

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At UFC 252, in what being billed as the greatest fight in the history of the heavyweight division, Stipe Miocic triumphed over Daniel Cormier. Miocic picked up an impressive unanimous decision win. In the process, he also managed to successfully defend his title belt in both title reigns. Cormier came out beautifully in the first round, and dominated Miocic, earning a takedown in the latter end. However, Miocic made quick adjustments and was able to land more significant strikes on Cormier. During the first round, Cormier accidentally eye poked Miocic, which halted the fight for a while. However, it wasn’t as serious as the one Cormier would suffer at the end of the third round.

Marc Goddard issues apology after he misses out on eye poke in Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic

Daniel Cormier suffered a brutal eye poke towards the end of the third round. Miocic continued to hit, completely unaware of the eye poke, as Cormier rounded back in to inform the referee. However, the third round ended with replay showing us the seriousness of the eye poke. Cormier maintained that he was unable to see from his right eye. It was later revealed that he suffered a torn cornea in the fight against Stipe Miocic.

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Fight fans blamed referee of the night, Marc Goddard, for missing out on the eye poke and argues how significant it would have been if Miocic was deducted one point for his grave error. Miocic ended up winning in the scorecards and won against Cormier in a much-deserved victory.

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