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“Mark Madsen Is the Only Guy Who Took Down Kamaru Usman During Sparring”: The Korean Zombie Makes a Shocking Revelation



Kamaru Usman, who is the current UFC welterweight champion is widely regarded as one of the best fighters in the world. Moreover, he is ranked second on the men’s pound for pound list in the UFC. As a result, he is on a path to evolve into the greatest fighter to have ever stepped into the octagon.

Since making his debut in the promotion, the Nigerian Nightmare has slaughtered all the competition he has faced convincingly. Therefore a major part of his success in UFC has to be credited to his wrestling skills in the octagon. Owing to this fact that Usman has exceptional control over his opponents on the ground in his UFC career and is ranked fifth in the all-time list for control time

In addition to that, the welterweight champion has never been taken down in the octagon in his 14 fights. Thus the above stats displays his supremacy in terms of grappling. Consequently, fans would believe that Kamaru Usman must have not been taken down during his training sessions as well. 

However, that does not seem to be the case as the Korean Zombie has made a big revelation. In his recent YouTube video, Chan Sung Jung has disclosed the fighter who has taken down Usman in a training session.

“Some time ago, Mark Madsen and Kamaru Usman were wrestling sparring partners. Apparently, Kamaru Usman told Mark Madsen that there hasn’t been a single person who has succeeded in taking him down. Mark took down Kamaru Usman twice.”

This revelation might surprise a lot of fans as Madsen is a lightweight. However, he is an Olympic medalist and is also an expert in wrestling. Nonetheless, Mark Madsen will always cherish this fact as no other fighter has achieved this in the octagon against Usman.

Kamaru Usman faces his biggest adversary Colby Covington in a rematch at UFC 268

Kamaru Usman will defend his title against Colby Covington for the second time in his career. The Chaos is the only fighter who has ever come close to defeat the Nigerian fighter. As a result, fight fans across the world are very excited about this matchup.

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington

There are expectations from fans that their rematch would be even crazier and contain more violence than their first matchup. Consequently, it would be interesting to watch how the two welterweights would approach this contest. Because in their first faceoff, both the fighters decided to engage in a striking brawl and did not try to attempt any takedowns. 

Therefore it would be fascinating if Covington uses his grappling skills and manages to land a takedown against Usman, who has not suffered a taken down in his UFC career. In the end, it is needless to say that this fight will be an absolute war. Comment below your thoughts about this fight between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington.