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Paddy Pimblett’s Fight Purse: How Much Money Did Paddy Pimblett Make For His UFC Debut?



Paddy Pimblett

The Liverpool-born Paddy Pimblett had a lot of hype surrounding him due to his showmanship and fighting abilities in MMA. Consequently, he made his much-anticipated debut last weekend on the main card at UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs Till. In his first fight, The Scouser showed fight fans all around the world that he is the real deal by spectacularly defeating Luigi Vendramini in his debut fight.

Paddy made a comeback after facing some adversity in the initial minutes of the fight to knock out the Italian Stallion in the first round of the main card contest. After winning the fight stunningly, The Baddy impressed a lot of fans with this fighting style and attitude outside the octagon.

Thereafter, the British fighter received a lot of popularity on social media. His followers increased substantially after the knockout win as he had 78k followers before his debut at UFC. But after the fight, his followers took a huge leap from 78k to 535k on Instagram.

Therefore it is quite certain that Paddy the Baddy will turn into the biggest superstars in the UFC if he keeps racking up such impressive wins in his future fights. Comment below your thoughts about Paddy Pimblett’s performance in his debut fight at UFC Fight Night Vegas 36.

How Much Money did Paddy Pimblett make from his Debut fight at the UFC?

After winning his debut fight in the lightweight division, let’s take a look at the amount of money Paddy Pimblett has earned for his fight against the Italian fighter. According to a report from MMA salaries, the Scouser has earned a guaranteed payment of $20,000 for stepping inside the octagon.

Pimblett also earned a performance bonus of $50,000 from the UFC for his brilliant display at UFC Vegas 36. In addition to that, he also collected a sponsor payout of $4,000 and a win bonus of $20,000. It is to be noted that UFC has not disclosed the official payouts of the event and the fight purse mentioned above is an estimated amount by MMA Salaries.

Therefore Paddy Pimblett could earn a significant amount of money in UFC if he continues delivering such spectacular performances in the future.