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Polyana Viana Disheartened With Colby Covington’s Controversial Remarks About Their Relationship

The mystery behind the relationship between UFC fighters Colby Covington and Polyana Viana has been making a lot of buzz in the MMA community.

Recently, Colby Covington claimed that the reason he did not accept the fight against Leon Edwards was that he was busy romancing with Polyana Viana. From the comments of Colby Covington, it also seemed that he and Polyana were in a relationship. Covington stated:

“That fight was never gonna happen unless the UFC was gonna pay for it to happen because like I said before, I was with Polyana Viana. I got better things to do than show up on some irrelevant card against some irrelevant guy named Leon [Edwards].

Despite Covington’s statements fans were not certain whether Covington and Polyana are indeed a couple now. It was hard to believe Covington’s comments as Polyana earlier made it clear that he already has a boyfriend and it’s not Covington. After Covington’s comments about their “relationship”, Polyana Viana finally cleared the air in her recent post. She stated:

“I have never given room for any kind of comment or judgment about my personal life. But it is not for me to judge the person’s attitude. I feel sorry for those who act so low to try to promote themselves. It is revolting.”

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Colby Covington crosses the line, Again

This is not the first time, Colby Covington has pulled off a controversial stunt for publicity. This is a part of the heel persona he is playing for the last few years in UFC. However, if Covington seems to have crossed the line.

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Colby Covington is one of the top welterweights in the UFC right now and is arguably one step away from the title shot. Many fans believe that he deserved the title shot more than Jorge Masvidal. But, as UFC has booked Masvidal vs Usman 2, Covington might need to get into the octagon again before he fights for the title.

Colby Covington

Being a top welterweight in UFC Colby Covington definitely does not need to go to this extent to create a buzz. His heel persona does help sell the fight. However, oftentimes Covington ends up upsetting the fans instead of entertaining them.


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