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Conor McGregor Reacts to the Bizarre Spinning Back Kick by Nick Diaz on His UFC Return



Nick Diaz and Conor McGregor

Last night at UFC 266, the whole world witnessed the return of Nick Diaz into the octagon against Robbie Lawler. Diaz put on the fighting gloves after being away from the competition for more than six years. The pop which Nick Diaz received from the T-Mobile Arena was a sight to see. Conor McGregor was also viewing the Diaz vs Lawler Bout.


Coming to the fight, in the first round both Diaz and Lawler came out guns blazing at each other. They were throwing nothing but the kitchen sink. Both were at each other’s faces and were giving the crowd what they wanted to see.

Unfortunately for Diaz he caught a hard shot from Lawler early in the third round which put him down on the canvas and eventually he could not get up to the referee’s call. As a result of that, Robbie Lawler won the rematch via a TKO.


Conor McGregor Praised Nick Diaz For His Fight At UFC 266

Conor McGregor was all praise for Nick Diaz for his fight against Robbie Lawler. The Irishman was also watching the Diaz vs Lawler rematch and also gave his thoughts on the bout between the two legends.

Conor McGregor first tweeted before the start of the rematch by saying, “This is tremendous! Let’s go @ufc! #TheOGLeague”


McGregor later tweeted saying that the Diaz vs Lawler was a good fight. He tweeted, “Nick/Rob was a good fight. The spin kick at the start gave the ground on Nick but he was veteran composed and was peppering lovely shots in. He just ate some big body shots and there was more coming Robbie was strong to the body it was veteran work all round. I enjoyed thoroughly.”


Later Conor also gave his analysis on the fight. He said, “The finishing sequence when the temple was clipped after the leg went, the evasion of the final shot, which was a blistering uppercut, was magic. Look at it. Down on one knee, observing where the shot was coming from, slip/parry, and re cente to open guard safe. Ala Daly fight.


McGregor rips Nate Diaz, says Nate’s ‘boxing is piss’ compared to his brother Nick

It seems like Conor McGregor only likes the older Diaz brother. Conor mentioned that he was far more impressed with the striking of Nick than his younger brother Nate Diaz. “The NOTORIOUS” concluded the tweet by saying, “I made you” to his rival Nate Diaz


Nate Diaz responded to the McGregor’s tweet with his own Stockton style. He reminded the Irishman about his leg and the fact that he can’t fight at all. Diaz tweeted, “ U can’t fight at all member your leg?”


Both McGregor and Nate Diaz have been trash talking each other on social media. The fans are waiting for their Trilogy to unfold. Do you think McGregor vs Diaz 3 will happen? Let us know your thoughts on the comments section below.