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Sean O’Malley Shares How it Was Like to Get “High” for the First Time

Sean O’Malley is a cool dude. The rising bantamweight contender is known for his vicious knockouts, exciting hairstyles, and his advocacy of legalizing marijuana. O’Malley is just 26 and has a lot of time ahead of him to improve on his mixed martial arts skills. With just five UFC fights under his belt after making a name for himself at Dana White’s Contender Series, Sean O’Malley is one of the most popular fighters in the UFC right now.

Needless to say, the young fighter grabs the attention of fight fans for several reasons. However, most notably it is his habit of smoking weed. O’Malley isn’t only the stoner in the UFC, fighters like Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, Anthony Pettis, Niko Price, and several others have all been linked to the use of marijuana.

However, it is O’Malley’s style that puts him apart from all the fighters who have attached themselves with the advocacy of legalizing marijuana.

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“I remember when I kind of started the social media page, and take a couple of videos of me smoking or something. Then I went to a couple of fights, I was pro. Then we were looking at like, okay, UFC stuff. I got told by so many adults, so many people who hated it, told me UFC is not gonna like that, sponsors aren’t gonna like that. My dad was super hot, telling me not to. I was like, dude, I don’t care.” O’Malley said to Submission Radio.

Sean O’Malley and weed

While the use of marijuana for recreational purposes is no secret, not many fighters are willing to accept the use of weed or post related content on social media. Sean O’Malley on the other hand has never been shy about talking about his habit of consuming weed.

“The first time I smoked weed I was 19, I moved down to Phoenix. I was super against it. My dad was a detective, my mom was a nurse. I got very like marijuana will kill you. If someone was like smoking, I would leave. I would not associate myself with it. I was super against it.”

“The first time I got high. Because the first time I smoked was through a vape pen, I didn’t feel anything. But the first time I got high, I think I took a bong rip” O’Malley revealed that he was with his friends in an apartment the very first time he tried marijuana. “I remember passing out on this Xbox controller on my side, I was uncomfortable. I was awake, but I couldn’t move.”

Sean O’Malley will step inside the Octagon at UFC 260 to take on Thomas Almedia in his return fight after suffering the first loss of his MMA career back at UFC 252 against Marlon Vera.

The rising bantamweight contender has everything going his way, grabbing the eyeballs of top-contenders including Cody Garbrandt. Needless to say, should O’Malley once again pick up a statement win in his next fight, he should be next in line for an opponent in the top-10 of the UFC’s bantamweight division.

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Sean O'Malley

In the past, Sean O’Malley has also made headlines for grading the attention of singer and composer Snoop Doog and also shared his experience of smoking weed with arguably the most famous stoner in Hollywood. Needless to say, much of his popularity is also due to O’Malley’s lifestyle.


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