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“She Can Retire If She Wants To”- Dana White on What’s Next For Amanda Nunes After UFC 250



Amanda Nunes

UFC’s first women two-division champion, Amanda Nunes makes history at UFC 250. The greatest female fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes became the first UFC fighter to defend titles successfully in two different divisions.

Even though Henery Cejudo and Daniel Cormier have achieved that milestone, they did it while being the champion at only one division. However, the path to this piece of history was not supposed to be this easy for Nunes as she was up against the former INVICTA champion, Felicia Spencer.

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Though Felicia Spencer was relatively inexperienced inside the UFC octagon her encounter with the former champion, Cris Cyborg had given her a taste of what it feels like to be in the octagon with the greats of UFC. However, it’s whole another game when you step into the octagon with the GOAT, Amanda Nunes.

It was a complete mismatch and Spencer did not look like she belongs in there with Nunes. Spencer’s striking did not look impressive as Nunes picked her apart easily. And after the fight, there is a huge question that needs to be answered. Who can stop Amanda Nunes? Who can even give her a challenge inside the octagon?

Amanda Nunes

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Who is next for Amanda Nunes?

In the post-fight press conference, Dana White was asked what’s next for Nunes after UFC 250 and the UFC president seemed clueless too. White stated:

“Not off the top of my head. You know how I am. She looked so good tonight I am just focused on that performance and her fight. But she is on number 8 right now. 3 more and she ties Anderson Silva. 3 more after that she ties Jon Jones. It all depends on how high she wants to set this bar. And how much longer she wants to keep fighting. Because she too has made enough money where she can retire if she wanted to.”

The only woman fighter who can come close to beat Amanda Nunes is the great, Valentina Shevchenko. However, Shevchenko wants Nunes to come down to flyweight for the trilogy. Both Shevchenko and Nunes have dominated their respective division and it does not seem that there is anyone who can give them a tough challenge unless they fight each other.

However, White makes a valid point too. After achieving everything that’s there to achieve in the sport, is the Lioness still hungry?

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