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“Speed Kills”- Stipe Miocic Reveals His Gameplan for the Rematch With Francis Ngannou at UFC 260

UFC 260 is all set to take place on 27th March. Headlined by the championship bout between Heavyweight G.O.A.T. Stipe Miocic and the most feared puncher Francis Ngannou, one can assume to see some fireworks during the event. Miocic took the time out to sit down with Renee Paquette. Most notably they talked about Miocic’s preparation to take on The Predator for the 2nd time and hopefully emerge victorious.

Check out what Miocic has got to say of his preparation for the Ngannou rematch:

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“You know Francis, he’s a super tough guy. He’s been knocking everyone out again. And he’s on a tear and unfortunately he’s got to fight me again. Now, that’s the bad part. You know, he’s definitely gotten better but so have I. I’m getting older but I’ve gotten wiser. I’m learning a few tricks up my sleeve. You know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks which is a lie. I’ve learned a lot ever since that last fight which was a couple of years ago. So, yeah, I mean it’s the same outcome. I’m gonna walk out with the belt still wrapped around my waist, hand raised and still.”

Speaking specifically about what he’s working on, Miocic mentioned speed and timing, “I think more like timing and speed. Just really working on speed. It’s all about speed. I think speed kills and I think that’s one thing we worked on the last couple of camps especially fighting DC.”

Further, they reminisced the time when Brock Lesnar entered the cage after Daniel Cormier knocked out Stipe.

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Stipe Miocic Is Set For His Second Title Defense During His Second Reign As The Heavyweight Champion

Stipe Miocic is currently in his second reign as the UFC heavyweight champion. His first reign was snapped by Daniel Cormier who knocked him out to claim the belt. Before that fight, Stipe already had defended his title thrice, thus becoming the first heavyweight to defend his title 3 times successfully. Interestingly, he reclaimed his belt back by knocking out Cormier.


The first time the 2 men met, Stipe out-boxed and out-wrestled Ngannou for 5 straight rounds and walked out of the octagon with the belt around him. Now, it is to be seen if he repeats history or if it is the time for a new champ in the division.

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Talking about The Predator, this man is the hardest hitter anyone has ever seen inside the octagon. He’s on a 4 fight win streak. What’s more interesting is the fact that out of his last 4 opponents only Junior dos Santos has managed to spend more than 1 minute beside him in the octagon. The rest 3- they got demolished within a minute. In his last 4 bouts, he has spent a total of 2 minutes and 42 seconds in the octagon. That’s the power behind this man’s fists.

So, it will be very interesting to see if Miocic’s speed and lighter frame helps him to defend his title or if The Predator’s vicious knuckles snatch that belt from him. Let’s know in the comment section down below who do you think will win among Stipe and Francis.

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