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Twitter Explodes After Germaine De Randamie Sleeps Julianna Pena With a Shocking Guillotine on UFC Fight Island 4

We have seen some insane fights in 2020 so far. Despite the pandemic, the fights that UFC fighters have put on for the fans have been amazing. And out of all the best performances we have seen so far this year, the submission win of Germaine De Randamie over Julianna Pena does stand out.

The veteran of the sport, Germaine De Randamie is one of the pioneers of women’s MMA. She has earned the title of “Iron Lady” for the right reasons. However, she is not someone who is well known for her ground game.

In fact, her ground game was the biggest reason behind her loss to the UFC two-division champion, Amanda Nunes. Germaine De Randamie hurt Amanda Nunes in striking and that’s why the champ, who is considered the GOAt of women’s MMA, went back to grappling and won the fight on the ground.

Many fans predicted Pena to win Germaine De Randamie with a submission. However, GDR shocked the world by picking up a submission win in the final round.

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The first round was a striking battle between Pena and GDR, where GDR won the round. But, Pena got a takedown at the buzzer, hinting the fans what was coming. But, Germaine De Randamie answered all the doubters and showcased good ground defense.

But, Pena was able to get the upper hand on the ground for the majority of the fight. Germaine De Randamie got the top position during the final minute fo round 1 and even got Pena in a submission. But, Pena survived to see round 3.

Pena knew that she could only win the third round and the fight on the ground. And she went for the takedown early in the final round. But, GDR got her in a beautiful guillotine and submitted her to get back on the winning track.

What’s next for Germaine De Randamie?

Following her brilliant victory, GDR got the praises from the MMA community. Fans are even hoping for a rematch with Holly Holm, who got victorious in the main event tonight.

GDR called out the two-division champion, Amanda Nunes for a rematch. Nunes takes on Megan Anderson next. However, looking at the lack of contenders in the division it won’t be wild to predict that GDR vs Nunes rematch is happening sooner or later.

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