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UFC 253: Dominick Reyes vs Jan Blachowicz- Fight Prediction and Breakdown

After the exit of Jon Jones from the light heavyweight division, a new champion will be crowned at UFC 253. Dominick Reyes will take on Jan Blachowicz for the vacant light heavyweight title in the co-main event of UFC 253.

This is an exciting matchup. Both fighters are incredibly tough, Jan Blachowicz might just be the best light heavyweight on the planet right now. After all, he beat Jon Jones according to mane fans. On the other hand, Jan Blachowicz is on the best run of his career. He has beaten the likes of Corey Anderson, Luke Rockhold, and Jacare Souza.

This fight is an exciting one because anything can happen. It’s hard to predict how this fight ends. Dominick Reyes is capable of knocking out Jan Blachowicz. And the same can be said for Blachowicz who has scary knockout power.

Both fighters are durable enough to go five rounds. However, the fight may not get the distance. Dominick Reyes kept claiming that he is a better athlete than the rest of the light heavyweight contenders ahead of his fight against Jon Jones. And that can not be denied.

Dominick Reyes

He defended the takedowns from Jon Jones who took Daniel Cormier down. Though Jan Blachowicz is a blackbelt in Jiu-Jitsu, it’s unlikely that the fight is going to the ground.

Dominick Reyes has a solid takedown defense. It’s nearly impossible for any light heavyweight in UFC right now to take him down early in the fight. But, as the fight progressed against Jones, Reyes gassed out.

His output decreases as the fight goes to the later rounds. And Blachowicz does not really slow down. In striking, Reyes has the edge. He has better footwork, better hands, and better output.

Dominick Reyes vs Jan Blachowicz Prediction

Dominick Reyes should rightfully be the favorite going into the fight. He arguably beat the greatest light heavyweight of all time, Jon Jones. Jan Blachowicz seems the more all-rounded fighter. But, Dominick Reyes’ striking along with his wrestling defense should allow him to impose his will on Blachowicz.

Reyes winning the title would be huge for the division as well. It can be claimed that Reyes is the uncrowned champion at the moment. And him winning the title will just make his fight against Jones look more significant.


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