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WATCH: Paulo Costa Loses 4lbs in One Night Ahead of Israel Adesanya Fight

We are days away from the long-awaited middleweight clash between UFC champion, Israel Adesanya, and the number one contender, Paulo Costa at UFC 253.

There is some real animosity between the two as it was clear from the last time they were in the same interview. Israel Adesanya believes that though Costa is a dangerous opponent he will be able to walk through the giant with ease. On the other hand, Paulo Costa is aiming to break the champion inside the UFC octagon.

When we look at Israel Adesanya’s arsenal, the biggest weapon he has is his striking. Adesanya is one of the finest strikers in UFC at the moment. But, when it comes to Paulo Costa, the most intimidating thing about him has to be his size and power. When it’s combined with his insane pace crazy pace in the early rounds, it’s a problem for anyone in the middleweight division.

Israel Adesanya
Israel Adesanya

Paulo Costa goes through weightcut ahead of Israel Adesanya fight

However, there is a price you have to pay when you are the biggest guy in your division. The weight cut is never going to be fun. And for Paulo Costa, he needs to cut close to 27 pounds in 10 days to make the championship weight.

In a recent vlog on his youtube channel, Paulo Costa opens up on his weight cut struggle during the pandemic. Paulo Costa is 212.9 lbs, which is about 27 lbs from the weight limit.

“This pandemic sucks. It sucks because it’s so hard to do any procedure that we have to. as far as cutting weight we are used to doing things one way and this whole pandemic thing ruins everything. Because you can’t train the way you are used to.”

Paulo Costa is way too big for his weight class. And it is certain that his future is in the light heavyweight division. However, he does not have a bad record of making weight for the middleweight division. And considering that the fans can expect him to make weight for the biggest fight of his career. However, The pandemic and traveling to fight island might play a factor during the weight cut process of The Eraser.


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