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How Did Tyron Woodley Injure His Rib Against Colby Covington?



Tyron Woodley

The MMA world just witnessed the former champion, Tyron Woodley suffered a devastating injury in probably his final MMA fight.

A lot was on the stake when Tyron Woolley took on Colby Covington in the main event of UFC Vegas 11.

The former UFC welterweight champion was coming off two devastating losses against Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns. Woodley lost all the rounds against Kamaru Usman, losing his title. And his comeback to the octagon did not go in his favor as he was outclassed by the now number one title contender Gilbert Burns.

Well, the fight against Colby Covington might have put an end to the decorated career of Tyron Woodley. Colby Covington dominated Woodley for nearly 5 rounds until the fight was stopped due to unfortunate circumstances.

To call it an anti-climax will be a crime as that would take the credit away from Covington that he truly deserves. Colby Covington was without a doubt the better fighter tonight.

Colby Covington dominates Tyron Woodley

Covington put relentless pressure since the beginning and never allowed Tyron Woodley to let his hands go. Woodley seemed more fluent in the early minutes. But, after Covington got the first takedown, Woodley was always cautious for stopping the takedown, which hampered his output and offense a lot.

In the fourth round, things got uglier for Tyron Woodley. Colby Covington took Woodley down and busted him open with some nasty ground and pound. Woodley had no answer to Covington’s strikes. It was hard to watch the former welterweight king take such punishments.

In the final round, Tyron Woodley went for a guillotine while defending a takedown. And he got Covington in some sort of trouble with that submission. However, he was trying to get back up while still holding onto the guillotine and that’s what caused the devastating injury for the former champion.

Tyron Woodley screamed in pain as the fight was stopped early in the fifth round. And that’s how a six-year-long rivalry came to an end with Colby Covington getting his hands raised.

it’s hard to see Tyron Woodley competing in UFC again after such a devastating loss. He is now 3-0 in his last three fights. And the majority of the fans will not be surprised if Woodley finally retires from MMA.