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WATCH: Another Controversial Call From Referee as Jessica Rose Clark Lands Match Ending Knee on UFC Vegas 11



Jessica Rose Clark

UFC comes to the fans with one of the most stacked fight cards of the year, UFC Vegas 11. And what a night it has been so far. Knockouts, submissions, the up and coming fighters in the prelims have put on an incredible show so far. However, a controversial ending to the bantamweight contest between Jessica Rose Clark and Sarah Alpar.

Jessica Rose Clark dominated Sarah Alpar throughout the fight. Though Sarah Alpar was trying to fight back Jessica was just relentless. She put on a high volume and high pressure on Sarah Alpar, landing 124 total strikes with a 70% accuracy. She even got a takedown against Sarah Alpar but was not able to finish the fight on the ground.

Without any surprise, she did win the fight via TKO. But, there was a controversy involved in the ending. Jessica Rose Clark blasted Sarah Alpar with a knee that was borderline illegal if not illegal. The knee got the commentators, referee, and the fans confused.

The referee decided to go for the video replay of the potential match ending moment and confirmed that it was not an illegal knee. And he decided to continue the fight. He gave Srah Alper who was hit with a vicious knee moments ago take a call on whether she wants to continue.

As per Nevada State Athletic Commission, once the video replay is used in the fight the fight can not continue. However, in this scenario the fight did resume, leaving the fans surprised.

Jessica Rose Clark secures a dominant finish

For Jessica Rose Clark it worked out pretty well because she got an opportunity to secure a more dominant and controversy less finish. However, the referee of the fight, Chris Tognoni made yet another horrible decision.

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It needs to be considered that Chris Tognoni was the referee for the controversial Ed Herman stoppage last week.

After the dominant victory, Jessica Rose seemed happy with her phenomenal win. It’s safe to say that she has never looked better in the UFC octagon. And after such an impressive performance, Jessica Rose Clark expects a better contract from UFC.