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Why Was Jon Jones Arrested in Las Vegas After the UFC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony?



Jon Jones arrested 2021

Not so long ago the former UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame for his iconic title fight against Alexander Gustafson.

Jon Jones even claimed that he would be making his heavyweight debut in the second quarter of 2022. It was huge news for the fans of Jon Jones as there were a lot of questions surrounding Jones’ position in the UFC.

Unfortunately, Jones is yet again in the center of controversy as reports of him getting arrested in Las Vegas have caught the MMA community with a surprise.

As per ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, Jon Jones was arrested by the Las Vegas police department on Friday. A police spokesperson informed ESPN that Jones was charged with battery, domestic violence, injuring, and tampering with a vehicle.

This is a shocking turn of events for the fans as hours ago we witnessed Jones in the 2020 UFC Hall of Fame event where he addressed his history with controversies and said:

“Dana, he guaranteed me he would give me an increase in my next fight. So, I am really excited about that. I think it’s going to be pay-per-view based. So, I am gonna have to work for the money I get. I’m gonna have to sale the fight. I think that’s something I haven’t been good at the past. You look at guys like McGregor who just talks so much s*it. He’s so good at it, so good at marketing himself. I’ve always just focused on winning and I think when I come back as a heavyweight I will try to do more legally controversial sh*t.”

UFC superstar Jon Jones is currently behind the bars

As per the reports by TMZ, Las Vegas PD received a call from Caesars Palace around 5.30 AM and arrested Jon Jones, who is currently behind the bars.

This is not the first time Jon Jones has been arrested. He has been at the center of controversies for various reasons throughout the years. The details of this incident are yet to be revealed. However, this is certainly a bad look for the former UFC champion.