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WOW! Dustin Poirier Silences Ariel Helwani With a Fiery Response After Being Asked About His PPV Cut

After conquering Conor McGregor in UFC 257, Dustin Poirier recently sat down with Ariel Helwani of ESPN MMA. They talked about a wide spectrum of topics like his victory over McGregor, what the biggest moment of his career was, etc. During the interview, The Diamond said he hoped his next fight would be for the title. Both men also discussed the potential opponents in the 155lb division like Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler.

During one point, Helwani asked Poirier if it made sense for him to fight McGregor in a trilogy for the vacant belt. Dustin responded to it with his cluelessness over the matter. But, the part where Poirier gets very annoyed with Helwani is garnering people’s attention. While talking about the possible scenario where Khabib relinquishes his title, Ariel asks the Louisiana native if he would like to fight for the vacant belt or be promoted to the 155lb champion. To this, Dustin says:

“Well if you’re talking business, when you’re the world champion, you get a pay-per-view share. So, that’s a big difference. “

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To this, Helwani questions about his paycheck for UFC 257. Now, this makes Diamond quite irritated as he slaps Ariel with the following response:

“Listen Ariel, I’m not asking how much ESPN pays you.”

Further, clarifying his stance, the MMA journalist asks him if he got a cut of the pie. Poirier ends this conversation with an ambiguous answer.

“Me and my family are happy, man. I’m doing what I love to do and making a great living.”

Dustin Poirier Is Unsure Who The UFC Will Book Him To Fight For The Title

After a spectacular revenge taken by Poirier on McGregor, he has become the #1 155lb contender. It is certain that his next fight will be very well for the title itself. But, till now, nothing has been made clear about the when and where of the fight. But, most importantly, even Poirier’s opponent for the belt hasn’t been confirmed yet. Fans and MMA pundits alike are speculating who might be the one last hurdle between The Diamond and the 155lb gold.

Coach Firas Zahabi: Conor McGregor faded in face of Dustin Poirier attack – 'he's not used to weathering storms' (Image Courtesy: MMA Fighting)
Coach Firas Zahabi: Conor McGregor faded in face of Dustin Poirier attack – ‘he’s not used to weathering storms’ (Image Courtesy: MMA Fighting)

Whoever Poirier’s next opponent may be, one thing is for sure- he is the uncrowned champ of the lightweight division. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments who do you think is the most deserving to fight Dustin Poirier for the title.

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