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You won’t believe how much Daniel Cormier wants for Jon Jones trilogy



Daniel Cormier

Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou brought the entire MMA world to its feet when both the fighters ignited a super fight at the heavyweight division. There was a lot at stake, with Jon Jones potentially putting his undefeated streak on the line against someone as powerful and dangerous as Francis Ngannou. However, it all fell flat when UFC decided not to comply with Jon Jones’ demand for an “undisclosed amount” for the blockbuster fight. Both Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones expressed disappointment, while Jon Jones thrashed the idea, with a welcome note to Jan Blaochowicz as the next challenger for the light heavyweight championship. 

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Former heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier opened up on the issue and demanded Jon Jones, to state the amount he was asking for the fight against Francis Ngannou, which he cited as the reason for not going to the heavyweight division.

Daniel Cormier demands Jon Jones to reaveal the amount

On the DC and Helwani show by ESPN, Cormier opened up on Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou and discussed a realistic amount that he should be offered to move up to heavyweight.

“But let’s say Jon Jones’ pay is $3 million. Say his base is $5 million, let’s get him $7 million. That’s $2 million. But what was the number? When you’re talking transparency. Tell the number. If you’re being transparent, tell the number that you threw out there. If you threw out the number, what do you think is legitimate for him to go up there. $12 million, $20 million, what’s the number?”

Daniel Cormier also revealed that he got a pay rise to move up to heavyweight, however, rejected the idea of a magnanimous raise in pay to move up to heavyweight.

“No man. I mean, people don’t get more to go up to Heavyweight. Like I didn’t get more to go up to Heavyweight.”

While Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou continue to hold their silence over how much they wanted UFC to pay them, for this super fight, it remains to be seen if Jon Jones will ever move up the heavyweight division.

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Meanwhile, in a reply to MMA fighter Jon Fitch, Cormier joked how he would love to make $15 million, for a potential trilogy bout against Jon Jones. However, he could also be supposedly joking at the amount that Jones might have asked for the super-fight against Francis Ngannou.

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