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Underdog of the NBA Finals Game 4: Cameron Johnson of the Phoenix Suns



Phoenix Suns Underdog of the Night

The NBA Finals Game 4 ended with the Milwaukee Bucks being able to tie the series to 2 games a piece. This was the first actual competitive  game we have seen this series. The Phoenix Suns lost by just 6 points with a final score of 109-103. Phoenix were up 2-0 but have not been able to win at Milwaukee. Both teams will be flying back to Phoenix for Game 5. 

The Phoenix Suns have not looked like themselves on this road trip. Their big 3 have been inconsistent. Deandre Ayton has lacked aggressiveness. Chris Paul and Devin Booker have played well in one and not the other. That just led to them losing both games.  

Tonight, Devin Booker knew what Giannis felt in Game 2. Booker scored 42 points, all from inside the 3, on amazing efficiency. All that gone to waste because Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton combined for just 16 points in nearly 40 minutes of play. They were in a lot of foul trouble which led to Bucks attempting 29 free throws whilst the Suns attempted just 19. 

Crowder had another double digit performance but the ‘Underdog of the Night‘ for the Phoenix Suns was Cameron Johnson. 

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The Underdog Performance of the Phoenix Suns Forward

Cameron Johnson scored 10 points and he did it efficiently. He shot 66% of his shots from the field and 50% from the 3. He did all of this off the bench with a team that needed more offence to compliment Devin Booker. 

When Cameron Johnson was first drafted, everyone thought that he was picked way too early. It looked like a mistake from the Suns. Even his college teammate Coby White was surprised when he heard Johnson’s draft position. 

But here he is, in the NBA Finals, proving doubters wrong. Usually people think that the NBA Draft should be to pick the best available players. But The Phoenix Suns picked the best possible fit for their team. In these playoffs he’s had multiple double digit performances from the bench. In the last 10 playoff games, he’s scored 10+ points in 7 games. His scoring is underappreciated but his impact is noticeable. If the other stars can play like their usual selves, then Johnson’s productivity does not go to waste. 

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