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Valorant Agent 16 Codenamed ‘Grenadier’ Gets Teased at Summer Game Fest Live



Valorant agent 16

Valorant is a game that is on the rise in the FPS Multiplayer gaming world. This game has taken the shooting principles of classic games and improved them by adding its own innovations. Valorant is continually improving their game in order to bring new material and satisfy its players. The game also releases patches to address bugs and difficulties that have hampered the game’s seamless operation. A new Valorant Agent has been introduced to the game, and the players are eager to learn more about him.

A short clip showed a new robot agent booting up in the background while its head activated on a nearby table during today’s Summer Game Fest live event. Fans have already begun to piece together the agent’s possible abilities based on the information provided in the clip.

What do we know from the short video

This new robot is thought to be Valorant Agent 16, who made an appearance during the new Summer Game Fest. Players are still unsure when Valorant Agent 16 will be included in the game, though most rumours point to Episode 3. On June 10th, the New Summer Game Fest took place, and players were treated to clips and teasers from a variety of blockbuster titles. Valorant is one of these games’ up-and-coming titles, having recently celebrated its first anniversary in the gaming business. All players have to do now is wait and see what Valorant has in store for them.

What can be Agent 16’s Abilities?

The new robot agent will most likely be armed with daggers or knives that may be used to disable other agent abilities, such as Killjoy’s Alarmbot. It’s unclear whether the new agent will be able to prevent all abilities or just physical ones like Killjoy’s Alarmbot and Raze’s Boom Bot or cypher’s traps and camera.

A new video of Raze has also been published, in which we show her fixing her Boom Bot and another Boom Bot rolling to her desk at the end of the sequence. Here is the complete video.

Fans can learn more about the new agent later this month, according to the Summer Game Fest live event. In less than two weeks, Episode Three will air, and fans can expect the first robot agent to arrive in VALORANT.

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