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Josh Thomson Claims Nick Diaz Might Not Be Able to Make the Walk at UFC 266 – Reveals Sparring Session Gone Bad



Nick Diaz gets dropped ahead of UFC 266

There’s a video doing rounds on the internet where Nick Diaz gets dropped cold during a sparring session ahead of his potential return to the UFC Octagon against Robbie Lawler in a rematch after 17 years in a five-round featured bout at UFC 266. However, several fight fans, and former UFC fighter Josh Thomson have cited concerns on whether Diaz will be able to make the walk this weekend against Robbie Lawler? 

UPDATE: The video is old, and while one can argue that the fighter in the picture is Nick Diaz, the video was uploaded in 2019. The video that Josh Thomson is talking about is nowhere to be seen, however, it can be argued that even Josh Thomson could have had a misunderstanding. 


Here’s the video.


The rumors started doing the rounds on the internet after the video of Nick Diaz dropping cold on the canvas, despite being in head-gear during a heated sparring session with a teammate went viral. Former UFC title challenger Josh Thomson during a media conversation also expressed his doubt on Nick Diaz’s return.


“Well, there’s a lot to be said right now. I don’t know if you guys saw the buzz on the internet, but there’s some stuff going around. I don’t know if he’s gonna make the fight.” Thomson said.

While initially, fight fans did not believe the news, it became quite clear why Josh Thomson expressed his concern over Nick Diaz after the video went viral. The elder of the Diaz brother gets dropped clean and stumbles as he tries to get up after the brutal knockdown. 

Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler 2 will now take place in the middleweight division

Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler 2 will now take place in the middleweight division. Earlier, the match-up was scheduled to take place in the UFC’s welterweight division. A case can be made that the knockout during the sparring session could have a lot to do with Diaz’s prompting to fight Lawler in the middleweight division. Nick has not competed for more than five years, and cutting weight could have taken a huge toll on his body. 


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Additionally, after suffering such a gruesome knockdown ahead of a fight, Diaz should take every necessary step to make the walk-in great shape, body, and form this weekend. There have been no reports of Nick Diaz pulling out of the bout, so it’s safe to say that the fight will go down as planned, and after more than five years, fight fans will get to witness Nick Diaz once again inside the Octagon.