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WATCH: The Exact Moment When Carlos Condit Broke Court McGee’s Nose

Carlos Condit will go down as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. After raking up back to back victories over the likes of Rory McDonald, Dan Hardy, Nick Diaz, and several others, Carlos Condit took on Georges St Pierre and put up an incredible performance against the great Welterweight fighter of all time. However, soon Carlos Condit was never the same after grabbing the interim gold against Nick Diaz back in 2012. Having won only a single fight in his last seven outings, Carlos Condit took on another veteran of the sport in the form of Court McGee in the main event of the preliminary card at UFC Fight Island 4.

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Court McGee also made his return to the octagon and will look to come back to winning ways after back-to-back losses inside the octagon. After victories over the likes of Robert Whittaker and Josh Neer early in his career, McGee failed to keep the consistency going forward. Going into the fight, Carlos Condit was the favorite despite his lackluster performance in the last few years. However, it’s interesting to note that Condit continues to compete against the absolute best with his last fight coming against top prospect Michael Chiesa.

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Carlos Condit breaks Court McGee’s nose at UFC Fight Island 4

Carlos Condit

Condit started well in the first round, managing land several low calf kicks. He kept the defensive stance, with McGee being the busier fighter in the first round of the fight. Condit welcomes McGee with a southpaw stance, and took his time. He finished the first round with a head kick and a combination of punches. Condit invited McGee, and managed to cause great damage to the inside knee of Court McGee. Condit landed a brutal knockdown with a lethal right hook in the closing moments of the first round, allegedly breaking McGee’s nose.

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Condit started the second round from right where he finished the first round, and landed a lethal punch in the first minute. With McGee’s nose brutally damaged and bleeding, Condit looked comfortable and took his time while landing is strikes. Condit made quick adjustments, and looked more unorthodox in his striking approach. McGee managed to stay strong despite some brutal combinations from Condit, and showed shine in the closing moments of the third round. Both the MMA veterans went to absolute war in, with Condit showing great agility to pick up his first victory after six straight losses inside the octagon.

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