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WATCH: The Exact Moment When Nate Diaz Almost Finished Leon Edwards in the Final Minute of Their Fight



Colby Covington on Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards

Nate Diaz had not fought in the octagon for almost two years and was making his return against a tough opponent in Leon Edwards at UFC 263 at Glendale, Arizona. Fans all around the world were eager to watch him make his comeback in the octagon. The stakes for this fight were quite huge as the winner would get the opportunity to fight for the Welterweight Title.

Going into the fight The Stockton Slugger received a great reception as he walked into the octagon for his fight. The crowd cheered him for landing every single punch on Leon Edwards. However, Rocky controlled the first four rounds of the fight. It seemed like the Stockton Slugger would lose all five rounds of the fight. But he made a surprise come back in the last round. In the final minute of the fight, he stunned the British fighter with a good left hand. Leon Edwards looked wobbled as he backed into the corner. It almost looked as if the Stockton Slugger knocked out Leon Edwards with that single punch. However, Rocky composed himself and managed to survive the onslaught of Nate Diaz As a result, Nate’s attempt to win the fight was a little too late as Leon Edwards won the fight by unanimous decision.

Nate Diaz didn’t disappoint the crowd as he showcased an extraordinary display of heart against the British fighter. Stockton’s own was entertaining the fans through his showboating during the entire fight. The entire arena erupted as Nate Diaz had Leon Edwards rocked in the fifth round. In the end, the fans were happy because they were able to witness an amazing carnage between the two fighters.

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Fighters all around the world react to Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards

It is no secret that any fight that Nate Diaz takes a part in ends in a bloodbath. It was not any different this time as Leon Edwards had Nate Diaz bleeding with his rough punches. But Stockton Slugger showed great resilience and fought the rest of the fight with blood spilled throughout his face. Many fighters praised Nate on social media for his stunning comeback in the last round.

Therefore it will be interesting when Nate Diaz will fight next in the UFC. But there is no doubt that whenever he chooses to return for his next fight it will end up being an epic blockbuster.

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