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“We Can Go Right Now”- Dustin Poirier Opens Up On the Conor McGregor Rematch



Recently, Conor McGregor grabbed the attention of the fight fans by offering Dustin Poirier a charity MMA fight. The former interim champion, Dustin Poirier also accepted the offer to fight Conor at the end of this year.

However, reports came out that UFC planned to make the rematch between Conor McGregor aDustin Poiriernd Dustin Poirier but not in a charity fight. UFC reportedly offered both Conor and Dustin to fight in the octagon. This entire scenario has the fans confused.

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At the moment, the fans are clueless about the future of both Poirier and McGregor. In the latest episode of UFC unfiltered, Dustin Poirier opens up about a potential rematch with The Notorious One and stated that this fight makes more sense than a fight between Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson. Poirier explained:


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“Look at it from his side, for sure there’s some upside there,” Poirier said. “Khabib said if he or Tony beat me that he would give them a shot at the title, so if that holds any weight, he’s looking at that. I don’t know what his ambition is, I don’t know how hungry he is to be the UFC lightweight world champion. If it is, a fight with me makes a lot of sense to get the next title shot. “He could push for a fight with Tony. That would be an exciting fight. I’m a fan of the sport and I think that would be a good fight to watch, but Tony is coming off of a loss. I just had the interim title, I’m number two, I’m coming off of a win, a Fight of the Year contender, I think it makes more sense. Every fight is a chance or a risk, no matter how prepared you are. If you’re gonna risk something, do it with the top guy and get a title shot.”

Dustin Poirier wants to fight one more time in 2020

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier

Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier fought Dan Hooker in his last fight, which turned out to be a fight of the year contender. Though Poirier said in the post-fight interview that he would take the entire year off he is eager to get back into the octagon one more time in 2020. Poirier stated: “I’ve only got one fight this year. I’m healthy, I’m training, I’m fit, I want to scrap. I’m ready right now. Tomorrow. Knock on the door, we can go right now.”

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Poirier can either fight Conor McGregor or Tony Ferguson in his next fight. Khabib has already said that he will grant Conor a rematch if he beats Poirier. Considering that it’s safe to say that Conor will certainly be interested in the Poirier rematch in order to get an opportunity to avenge his loss against Khabib.