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“We Can’t Leave It at 1-1” – Dustin Poirier Looking to “Close the Chapter” at UFC 264



McGtregor UFC 264

Ahead of the trilogy bout Dustin Poirier gave an interview to Brett Okamoto on ESPN MMA. The Diamond revealed the logic and thinking behind his decision to fight Conor over the title bout. He even said that he owes this fight to Conor and wants to finish the rivalry once and for all.

When Brett asked Dustin that even after valuing title shots more than other fights how did he choose the fight against The Notorious, without knowing if this fight is going to be a title bout, this is what the former interim lightweight champion had to say.

I honestly thought going into this one than the one in Abu Dhabi was gonna be the title fight. I thought that was gonna be a title fight, not the third fight. Now it can’t be right he’s lost twice in a row.”

Dustin believes their fight at UFC 257 could have been a title fight as both of them were at the top of the division. As he was fresh off a win, and Conor had only lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov and was coming off a win over Cerrone. However, Poirier assures that his ultimate goal is to grab that belt. But, that’s after he defeats Conor. 

We have some business to finish we can’t leave it one in one we owe it to each other to find out who’s better. close this chapter and whoever gets their hand raised moves on. yeah why is that why this fight is happening

Why did Dustin Poirier choose Conor Mcgregor over a title shot?

It is to be mentioned that Dustin chose McGregor over the title shot against Charles Oliveria. We all know how big of a show Conor gives when it comes to PPVs. So, it comes without a surprise that Poirier decided to take the fight against McGregor rather than a potential title shot. Additionally, should Poirier triumph over the former champion, it’s safe to say that he is getting a title shot next.

you know I have my house to feed. Good thing closing that door with Conor does both those things but this is providing I’m a provider, and l owe it to my family yeah, did it

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dustin poirier vs conor mcgregor

Certainly, for Poirier, if he wins the fight he is going with loads of money, and of course, in addition to that, he gets a title shot. Hence, Dustin is ready to take that gamble, and why should not he? What do you think about Poirier’s decision? Do let us know in the comments section.

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