10 LBs in 2 Days- Aljamain Sterling Reveals How He Lost Weight

UFC fighters undergo drastic body transformation during the fight week.

Some fighters even cut 20 lbs before the weigh-in and gain the weight before the fight night.

UFC bantamweight champion, Aljamin Sterling shocked the fans by gaining over 40 lbs since the weigh-in for UFC 273.

A few days after defending his title against Petr Yan, Aljamain Sterling bulked up to 176 lbs.

The normal walk-around weight of the fighters is a little higher than their fight night weight. However, Sterling did gain significant weight in a matter of days.

However, Aljamain Sterling lost over 10 lbs in a couple of days, which forced the fans to guess the training regiment he followed to lose that weight.

Well, responding to a fan's question, Sterling revealed the secret to his weight loss on his Instagram post.

"Cut back on sodium, drink more water, eat less calories. My 176 weight was at night. this morning I was 166 and I took this clip after fasting till 11 am."

It's needless to say that elite fighters such as Sterling go through grueling training every day, which helps immensely in the process of the weight cut.

But, it certainly takes discipline and dedication to be a UFC fighter.