3 Subtle Ways WWE Is Telling Us Roman Reigns Is the Next  Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is one of the top stars in WWE, but he may not be wrestling for too long

WWE may already have a superstar filling the positionld decisions that have worked and some not so much

It is none other than Roman Reigns and here are 3 reasons why

The Private Luxury Locker Room

All superstars usually have a common locker room except for a few

One superstar who has had a private locker room was Brock Lesnar

Following him now is Roman Reigns, he has a private luxury suite

Paul Heyman’s Allegiance

Paul Heyman has always been at the side of Brock Lesnar, the only time that he is at the side of someone else is in the absence of the Beast

This is the first time when Heyman is not at Brock’s corner, he even turned on the Beast at the Royal Rumble. This may be an indication of Heyman acknowledging the Tribal Chief as the next big thing

The longest title reign

The longest Universal Title reign was previously held by Brock Lesnar with a 400+ reign

Roman Reigns has overtaken the record and has a reign a 500+ title reign

The two behemoths are set to face each other in a winner take all match at WrestleMania 38

If Reigns wins the match, it will indeed be a passing of the torch moment


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