Ben Askren Embarrasses Himself In Front of the Whole World

Ben Askren will go down as one of the most intriguing figures in the history of combat sports. 

Ben Askren appeared at the weight-ins with a beer belly in what made for a good laugh for fight fans.

Ben Askren has a habit of embarrassing himself. The former Bellator and ONE Champion Welterweight Champion has continued to be a topic of ridicule ever since his UFC debut.

Ben Askren embarrassed

Ben Askren embarrassed himself in the press-conferences on number of occasions, often turning out as a weird guy.

Ben Askren UFC debut

Ben Askren UFC debut

Ben Askren debuted on UFC like a WWE superstar with trash-talk right off the bat.

Ben Askren 5 Second KO Loss

Ben Askren suffered the first loss of his MMA career at the hands of Jorge Masvidal via vicious 5 second flying knee KO.

Ben Askren Loses to Jake Paul

Ben Askren lost to YouTuber turned boxer in his professional boxing debut at Triller Fight Club.