3 Times Brock Lesnar Went  Off-Script

Brock Lesnar is one of the most popular stars in WWE. The Beast never fails to impress us in the ring either.

Be it a squash match or a full-length match, Lesnar never fails to impress

Recently, The Beast has been killing it in promo segments as well.

But it does not go according to plan all the time. The Beast by force or just for fun may go off-script

Let’s look at some of the times Brock Lesnar has gone off-script

The Beast tames The Monster

At the 2018 Royal Rumble PPV, Lesnar put his Universal Title on the line against Kane and Braun Strowman in a Triple Threat Match

Early in the match, Strowman hit a knee strike on Lesnar

The Knee hit Lesnar right on the head and the Beast was not happy one bit and you could see it in his face

Brock Lesnar got up, strongly punched Strowman and told him, “Calm the f*** down”

“I Don’t Give A S*** About  Your Kids”

On an episode of Raw, During a Brock Lesnar promo segment, Heath Slater showed up and wanted to face Lesnar

Slater said that he needs a match so he could feed his kids, Lesnar got the microphone and said “I Don’t Give A S*** About Your Kids”

No Cage Can Contain The Beast

This year during the Men’s Elimination Chamber match, Bobby Lashley was taken out due to an injury

The Beast was waiting to get into the match, he was the last man left to enter the match.

The Beast could not wait any longer and he broke the chamber and rushed into the ring and destroyed the competition.


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