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34-Year-Old Stephen Curry's Tradition Before Every Home NBA Game

By: Debadrita Ghosh Image credit: NBA & Twitter

The Golden State Warriors legend Stephen Curry always leaves the spectators awestruck with his amazing trick shots during warm-ups.

Before every home game, Stephen Curry surprises his fans by displaying his incredible shooting abilities.

At the beginning of his home games, Curry tries to hit from the tunnel making approximately 5 shots in front of the crowd and with his coach aside.

He is often seen warming up with Bruce Fraser, the Golden State Warriors’ development coach, before a game.

Fraser once shared the Dubs Talk podcast about Curry's pre-game routine and why the two of them find it so interesting.

Fraser said: "There’s a lot within that. We add sometimes. It’s usually an acknowledgment of a friend of his that had given a speech at a college and it’s kind of making fun of the friend’s speech."

He continued: "He (Stephen Curry) was asked a question by the panel at the college, and instead of answering the question, he gave a shout-out to the school first and said, ‘Can you wait?’ So we say, ‘Hold on a minute,’ then we give a shout-out.”

Ray Ratto who works for Comcast Network Bay Area  said about Curry's pre-game rituals, “Now it’s basically standard and part of the show. The game is no longer tip-off to final horn. You come out early to see his circuit of threes and just watch him. He has become his own subset of entertainment.”

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