By: Rahul V Krishnan

39-Year-Old Star Cried After His Return Under Triple H's Regime.

Image Credit: WWE

Braun Strowman's release in 2021 came as a huge shock to pro wrestling fans as no one expected WWE to release someone who they've created.

The monster among men after his WWE release co-created a new promotion alongside former WWE star EC3 called Control Your Narrative, CYN.

The promotion received a lot of criticism due to its unusual rules and regulations and many fans didn't even take it seriously.

After Triple H took over from Vince McMahon as the creative head, one of the major decisions he took was to bring the former Universal Champion back.

Braun made his much anticipated WWE return on Raw two weeks ago by attacking multiple tag teams during a tag team number one contender's match.

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While speaking on the After the bell podcast, Braun admitted that he got emotional after making his return to the WWE.

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“I cried when I came back through the curtain. Once I got away from everybody, I finally was able to absorb it and let it in. he said. (Credit: After the bell, H/T: Ringside news)

Braun currently is feuding with Chad Gable and Otis but whether or not he'll be taken back to the main event scene is something to wait and see.

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