Jake Paul's Dana White Diss Track

Earlier today, Jake Paul released a diss track with the title 'Dana White Diss Track'

Jake Paul destroyed Dana White in the video

In the video, Jake accused Dana of using cocaine and infidelity. Paul started the video with a surprise cameo.

Cris Cyborg makes a special cameo.

Cris Cyborg was seen in a segment where she was negotiating her contract with the actor playing Dana White. She wanted 'long-term healthcare.'

Jake Paul took shots at Jorge Masvidal

In the video, Paul refused the notion that Masvidal is rich and stated Jorge only earned '5 million for 50 fights.'

Jake Paul called out Nate Diaz

Jake Paul took shots at the younger Diaz brother and said his 'lisp' makes Nate Diaz hard to understand.

Conor McGregor was not spared either!

Jake Paul pointed out the multiple arrests in recent times. He also targeted Conor's issue with alcohol and recent losses. Paul name-dropped Dee Devlin, the partner of the former UFC double champ.

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