5 Exciting Storylines for Ronda Rousey Ahead of WrestleMania 38

05. Mandy Rose

Although this is the most unlikely, there are reports that Vince McMahon is unhappy with NXT 2.0. That is why there were no NXT stars in this year’s Rumble either. So to get NXT some more viewers and popularity Rousey could head to NXT

04. A New Champion?

Before Mania, we have the Elimination Chamber event. We could potentially see someone win either the RAW or SmackDown Women’s Title and could be the one to face Ronda Rousey

03. Charlotte Flair

Rousey eliminated Charlotte to win the Royal Rumble this year. Although the two had a staredown, they did not wrestle much, Rousey eliminated Charlotte pretty quick. Probably because the two are going to face each other at Mania, WWE did not want the two to get physical too much.

02. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch was the superstar to pin Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35. We had not seen Rousey since then. Rousey would without a doubt want her revenge against Lynch. The fans also want to see a one-on-one match between Rousey and Lynch, the match that was supposed to happen at the 2018 Survivor Series PPV.

01. WrestleMania  Re-Match

Given Rousey eliminated Charlotte and the fact that Becky is the only one to hold a pinfall victory against Rousey, we could see a WrestleMania 35 rematch this year. Ronda Rousey could have her hands raised as the 2nd ever Double Champion.


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