3 New UFC Rules You Might Not Know in 2022

UFC has changed rules

There have been some rules changes in the UFC which haven't really been announced by the promotion.


If not for fighters coming out and informing the MMA world, maybe we would have never known.

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Here are five recent rules changes in the UFC.

UFC 274

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Fighters cannot push each other during the face-offs

After Jeremey Stephens pushed Drakkar Klose during the face-off right after the weigh-in; UFC has banned fighters from repeating any such act. Klose suffered a concussion after being pushed.

Fighters cannot make a walk to the Octagon with their flag,

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UFC walkouts will not be the same anymore after UFC has banned the use of flags during entrance to the Octagon.


If a fighter misses weight even by 0.5 pounds in Championship fight or while defending the gold, he is not eligible for the title and will be stripped.

Charles Oliveira was stripped of his Lightweight Championship after he missed weight at the official weigh-in ahead of his second title defense against Justin Gaethje back at UFC 274.

Over the years there have seen several changes to the rules. What other rules changes can you see in the near future?

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